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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Jan 29, 2019

Show Notes:

I had the pleasure of chatting with Jen Ripple, the editor of The Dun Magazine.  We talk about how Jen came to produce the largest fly fishing magazine for woman out there.

We talk about getting into Tarpon in Mexico and a few tips that might allow you to DIY your way around.  Listen below and find out what a Tarpon feels like and get in the mindset to put together your first trip.

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Show Notes with Jen Ripple

Jen is the editor of Dun Magazine, written by 99% woman.  But, it's not just a womans magazine.

noted the Fly Fish Journal and Steve Duda who was on the podcast.

Tarpon in Tobasco is a new location that Jen notes in the podcast.

Paco Marroquin is the lead guide for the Tobasco area.

The pink and while clowser minnow with eyes is going to get you into Tarpon.

The road trip with Heather Hodson.

United Woman on the Fly is a great resource to connect woman and help them feel safe out there.

The AP Minnow and the Clowser are Jen's goto flies.

Fly Fish Tobasco is a great resource if you want to head that way for Tarpon.

Elliott Adler from the Drake Magazine was on the podcast.  Tom from the Drake helped fly fishing make a big leap.

Richie Jones African American Fly Fishing

Kelly Galloup was on the podcast in this episode and talked about the influence of bass fishing.

The Yeti Penga is Jen's goto piece of gear that she won't leave home without.

You can reach jen at

Conclusion with Jen Ripple

Jen and I covered everything from Tarpon from Tarpon, to the Dun Magazine to her life as a pastors wife.  

Show Notes: