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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Feb 19, 2019

Show Notes:

I sat down and had a great chat with Tom Rosenbauer, one of the most influential people in fly fishing and the man behind the largest fly fishing podcast in the world.

We talk about the story behind Orvis, some tips, tricks and common questions.  Tom gets and the easiest way to get started if you are brand new.  This is the perfect show if you are just getting started or want to hear the story behind Orvis.

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Show Notes with Tom Rosenbauer

Updates Show Notes Links:

Jeff Currier has caught almost 400 species on the fly.  I will have him on the show during the destination season.

We talk about our podcast host - Libsyn who has updating their data for podcast downloads.

The Orvis TV show on how to fly fish had 13 episodes.  You can find the Orvis fly fishing guide on Amazon Prime.

Leigh Perkins was a huge mentor for Tom over the years and was one of the owners of Orvis.

Fly Rod and Reel and Fly Fisherman with John , and 4 other people to add.

Prospecting for Trout and the Orvis Fly Fishing Guide are some of Tom's most popular books.

Kelly Galloup was on the podcast and noted how fly tying has become cool.

Simon Gawesworth was on the show for a second time after I bombed the first version.

Gink and Gasoline, Mid Current, and others are blogs Tom reads.

Admiral Fallow was noted as one of Tom's favorite groups. 

You can find Tom at or on Instagram.

Conclusion with Tom Rosenbauer

It was cool to hear the history of Orvis and some of the great tips from Tom. I had a lot of fun in this one and hope you enjoyed it as well.

Show Notes: