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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Apr 30, 2019

Show Notes:

I cover the Driftless area today with Jason Randall.  We talk about this unique area and hear how Jason came to write numerous  articles and books over the years.

Jason has some cool stories to share as we hear about a life in fly fishing.  He talks a little about his daytime job as a veterinarian and the difference between Landon Mayer and Joe Humpries.


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Show Notes with Jason Randall

(Updated show notes Links:

Nymph Masters was noted as one of the books in the trilogy.  This is the reference series for Jason.  We talk about how to avoid being boring.

Here is the interview I had with Joe Humphries.

Landon Mayer talks about using tension with a fly in episode 48.

Davy Wotton was on the podcast in episode 35.

The Society for Freshwater Science.

The Ed Engle episode and the color purple.

What the Trout Said.  A book covering fish behavior.

Rick Hafele was on the podcast in episode 37. We talked a little about UV materials.

Gerry Meyer runs the Driftless Fly shop.

The Picket Pin is one of Jason's goto patterns.  Here's a video.

The podcast on Euro Nymphing with Devin Olson.

Link to Ed Engle's books.

Landon Mayers new book and George Daniel blog.

We talk about The Marshall Tucker Band 

You can find Jason at

Resources Noted in the Show

Nymph Masters by Jason Randall

Videos Noted in the ShowThe Marshall Tucker Band

Conclusion with Jason Randall

Jason talks about how his background as a veterinarian allowed him to write three books on fish and the effects of the physical and chemical environment.  

Jason knows many of the past guests we've had on the podcast so this becomes a good reference for future listening especially if you are new to the podcast.

Show Notes: