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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

May 14, 2019

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I met Mia and Marty on the Deschutes to chat about their background guiding and running a business in fly fishing.  We also go deep into John Day steelhead fishing and include some tips on getting started.

They run through some smallmouth bass fishing tips and trips.  They started as skate boarders and snow boarders and then transitioned into fly fishing.  Marty talks about the feeling of catching his first steelhead and what you need to get started.


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Show Notes with Mia and Marty Sheppard

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In Dec Hogan's Book Dec talks about Steve Cruz.  Steve is the guy that helped get Marty into steelhead.

Marty talks about the first fly caught steelhead that he caught on the General Practitioner.

Mia talks about winning the Spey O Rama and how she has won the event 3 times.

Little Creek Outfitters is the business that they purchased and changed their lives over the last 16 years.

Western Rivers purchased land on the John Day River and now there is some great public access.

Cotton Wood State Park and Rock Creek are two public access points for the John Day River.

The Dragon Fly Hatch on the John Day is epic.

The Kids Fly Fishing Camp is a new program that they started about 3 years ago.

John Ecklund sold Little Creek Outfitters to Marty and Mia.  Marty tells the story here about how it all came to be.

Oliver White tells his crazy story in episode 69 of the podcast.  The take home message is that you shouldn't be afraid to take a chance and go for it.

We talk about Martin's boat.  You have to check out this video on boating the grand canyon with a drift boat.

I talk about the Frank Moore podcast interview that I put together.  I got my first North fish on the skunk.

The Silvenator was noted as Marty's goto pattern.

Sean Gallagher's Book on Wild Steelhead has a great chapter on the John Day River in it.

Service Creek Gauge and McDonald Ferry Gauging Stations.

The SuperSuckers.

Seracione Fly Reels are their goto reels.

Gary Anderson Rods

You can reach Mia and Marty at Little Creek Outfitters here:

Resources Mentioned in the Show

Sean Gallagher's book on Wild Steelhead

Seracione Reels

Videos Mentioned in the Show

The General Practitioner Video

The Story about Martin's Boat

The Frank Moore Episode

The SuperSuckers

Conclusion with Mia and Marty Sheppard

We cover steelhead and smallmouth bass fishing in this episode.  Marty talks about the epic dragon fly hatch on the John Day River where bass are jumping out of the water like mad.

We also get into some great steelhead tips on fishing the John Day plus a new kids fly fishing camp that they have going.

Show Notes: