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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Sep 24, 2019

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I finally sat down and talked to Martin Joergensen, the man behind the Global Fly Fisher.  We talk about Sea Trout in Denmark, how they differ from South American Brown Trout and how to catch fish in this unique fishery.

Martin shares with us the impact of being diagnosed with MS.  Take home message from Martin is to go fishing now while you can.  Don't wait because none of us really know how long we'll be on this crazy journey.

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Show Notes with Martin Joergensen

Steve Schweitzer is a great fly tyer and one of the guys who helped to start the Global FlyFisher.

Chris Helm is another great fly tyer Martin noted in the podcast.  Here's a short fly tying video by Chris Helm on working with Deer Hair.

Landing Fish the Right Way is an article I published for the Global FlyFisher back in 2015.  We talk about how Martin helps people publish articles on his site.

The Fly Fish Journal was a great show back in episode

Dave McCoy was on from Emerald Waters Anglers and covered Searun Cutthroat fishing.  Click here to listen to episode 77.

Here is the editors pick search for Sea Trout.

The Night Dancer is a great fly tied and connected to the Global FlyFisher.

You can reach Martin at the

Conclusion with Martin

Martin Joergensen from the Global FlyFisher is my guest today on the podcast.  He explains how to catch Sea-Trout in northern Europe of of the coast.  We also go into the resources that is the

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