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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Feb 25, 2020

Show Notes:

I had a great chat with Mariusz Wroblewski who is a big name in steelhead conservation, spey casting and two-handed rod development.  Mariusz breaks down the exact rod you need for winter steelhead for large and small rivers.  We cover the details of the right skagit line for the job.

We then talk about the triple density line and how to line your spey rod correctly based on the line and sink tip length and weight.  We also jump into what Kamchatku has to offer and how steelhead is so different than the lower 48.

Recommended Two Handed Rod for Winter Steelhead:


Show Notes with Mariusz Wroblewski

(Updated Show Notes Links and Time Stamps:  Show Notes:

Simon Gawesworth and others were hosted on the Penoy River while Mariusz was working there.

Mariusz works for the Wild Salmon Center. The Kola Peninsula and the Penoy River was the period of time that helped Mariusz get into conservation.

Skeena Wild is a group doing big things for conservation in Canada.

John McMillan was on the podcast here and talked about the status of steelhead around the Pacific Rim.

Two Russian rivers that Mariusz notes here.  He talks about the diversity of life histories that allows steelhead to thrive imn.

Mariusz noted the Airflo FIST line with a 13 foot spey rod as the perfect rod for winter steelhead.

We talk about the FIST as a great triple density skagit line but also having a single density line with you like the Airflo G2.

The Airflo G2 line is a great single density to use when you need to go a little lighter.

T14 and T11 are the must have sinking tips you need for winter steelhead.  You can check out the 10 foot Flo Tips here.

Here's the Airflo line chart via Rajeff Sports that helps you choose a line.

The RAGE Compact line is a very good line for the Deschutes in the Wind.  I use it on my 6 weight 12' 6" Echo Swing Two Handed Rod.

Tom Larimer was on the podcast in episode 11 and had a funny story about the RAGE line.

The Fly Shop in Redding puts together all of the trips for Kamchatka

Utkholk River and Zhupanova River are two of the main streams that Mauriusz works in out of Russia.

Dec Hogan's Modern Spey Casting and the Passion for Steelhead are two of the great resources for steelhead.

The Silvenator is the goto winter steelhead fly and the Steelhead Coachman is the goto summer steelhead pattern.

You can find Mariusz at the Wild Salmon Center.

Resources Noted in the Show

Modern Spey Casting with Dec Hogan

Airflo Flo Sink Tips for Winter Steelhead

Airflo/Echo line Recommendation


Video Noted in the Show

The Zhupanova River Video

The Silvenator Fly Tying Video


Conclusion with Mariusz Wroblewski

This was a challenging interview because Mariusz has so much knowledge with steelhead conservation, Kamchatku, spey casting and rod design.  We dug into all of these topics including the effect of Vladimir Putin on the Steelhead work they are doing.

Show Notes: