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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Jun 9, 2020

Show Notes:

I had the pleasure of interviewing AK Best to talk about tying dry flies and his life in fly fishing.  We also hear some of the other influential parts of his life including how he survived his music night life.

AK talks about absolute attention in music and in fly tying.  Find out what makes a Colorado Green Drake such a killer pattern and why the wing tips are so critical for dry flies.

Show Notes with AK Best

- Production Fly Tying here was a big impact book for many fly tyers in the space.

- The Colorado Green Drake from Charlies Fly Box.

- In the Ring of the Rise - Vince Marinaro book on trout behavior.

- Tom Whiting was on the podcast in episode 115 and talked about how he creates the perfect dry fly hackle.

- The St. Vrain Caddis was a killer pattern if you need a goto pattern when nothing else is working.

- The Colorado Caddis was a famous Colorado pattern.

- A Red Quill Parachute in a size 18 is a great prospecting fly.  Works great on the Frying Pan River.

- John Gierach was on the podcast is episode 47 and talked about quitting drugs and alcohol.

- I interviewed Joan Wulff here and Frank Moore who were two of the oldest guests I've had on the show.

- The Winged beetle.

- The Olive Quill Dun, The Red Quilled Parachute are two of AK's goto flies.

- Danville 6/0 thread is the only thread you need.

- Selective Trout by Swisher Richards

- Henry's Fork Anglers

You can find AK's book Production Fly Tying here.

Resources Noted in the Show

In the Ring of the Rise by Vincent Marinaro

Videos Noted in the Show

The Colorado Caddis

A Red Quill Parachute

Conclusion with AK Best

AK Best who wrote one of the great fly tying books shares some of the great tips from this book and others from over the years.  Find out why you should be clipping your dry fly hackles and some of his best Colorado patterns.

Show Notes: