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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Jun 2, 2020

Show Notes:

I sat down with Domenick Swentosky to talk about traditional streamers and how he fishes his home waters out of Pennsylvania.  We get into the mono rig and how he crosses over between nymphing and streamers.

Domenick shares the exact formula he uses when fishing a mono rig and why he loves a 4 weight rod and Maxima leader for the butt section of his mono rig.  A little bit euro, a little bit nymph and equal parts streamer and even a little dry.  Troutbitten now.  Click below and listen to the full conversation.

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Show Notes with Domenick Swentosky

Rich Strolls was on the podcast in episode 138 and talked about huge streamers and his background as a police officer and obsessed fly fisherman.

Joe Humphries was on the podcast in episode 73 and talked about his 90+ years in the game.

John Gierach was on the podcast in episode 47 and talked about whether he was a writer or fly fisherman first.

John Dietsch from A River Runs Through It was on the podcast in episode 135.

Evo Terra was on our other podcast in this episode of our new Outdoors Online Podcast.  Evo covered SEO for your blog post and podcast.

The Headbanger Sculpin is one of Domenick's favorite patterns but he ties it a little smaller than what Rich Strolis typically uses.

Troutbitten has a ton of articles on the Mono Rig and are grouped by the 5 most important articles.

Ed Shenk's white minnow is a great fly to have a point of site and see what's going on with the flies on his rig.

George Harvey dry fly leader is what Dom breaks out after he's finished with the mono rig.

The half pint and the full pint along with the Circus Peanut are a few top flies for streamers.

George Daniel has a ton of great resources out there and was on the podcast in episode 55.

You can find Domenick at

Videos Noted in the Show

The Headbanger sculpin

Ed Shenk's White Minnow

Kelly Galloup's Circus Peanut

Conclusion with Domenick Swentosky

Domenick Swentosky describes how he fishes streamers with a mono rig in his home waters of Pennsylvania.  We hear why Domenick doesn't love fishing the huge streamers and find he does pretty well with more traditional sized flies.

Show Notes: