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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Jun 29, 2021

Show Notes:

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We hear about Orvis' connection to the local fly shops around the country and how he helped to elevate orvis in is tenure.  You'll also hear the background on the Orvis endorsed lodge.

Show Notes with Perk Perkins

- Perk noted the importance of Jim Lepage on Orvis products.

- Mike Schultz on small mouth bass.

- Lori Ann Murphy and Reel Women Fly Fishing was a big part in helping to get the 50/50 movement going with Orvis.  Lori Ann was on the podcast in episode 195 here.

- United Woman on the Fly and Heather Hodson is a huge movement for women around the country.

- I noted the Bucky Buchstaber podcast in episode 226 where he covered the Fly Fishing Collaborative.

- We talked about Perk's blog from the sabbatical

- The mutton snapper and barracuda were two common fish Perk caught on his sebbatical.  Here's a Barracuda video:

- Paul Roos and Spencer Morten both passed away and were amazing teachers in fly fishing.  (photos below are from

You can find perk and family at

Resources Noted in the Show

Orvis Hunting Video

Videos and/or podcasts Noted in the Show

This River by JJ Grey

We get a view on the Orvis brand from the guy who ran the company for over 20 years and elevated in from an 80 million dollar company to almost 300 million.  We also find out about the 50/50 movement and the evolution of awareness.

We talk about the similarities between Orvis and Patagonia and where they have been with Conservation.  We dig into a little on Perk's year long sabbatical to fish for bonefish for over a year.

Show Notes:

Sponsor: OPST:

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