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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Sep 14, 2021

Show Notes:


Today, we’re joined by David Van Wie, who’s widely known for writing a monthly column for the Maine Sportsman Magazine, publishing feature articles in Northern Woodlands Magazine and the Maine Sunday Telegram, and the co-author of The Confluence - a collection of essays, art and tall tales about fly fishing and friendship.

In this episode, David shares how he fished his way from Maine to Wisconsin and Michigan and back. He has fished 35 different places for six weeks, traveled over 5000 miles, and wrote about it day after day. David and I talked about the wonderful experiences he’s had and the places he's been since he embarked on his remarkable journey. His story is unlike any fishing stories you've heard before!

David eventually turned this amazing journey into a book called, Storied Waters, which was inspired by one of his heroes, John Voelker a.k.a. Robert Traver.

Timestamps for this episode

[3:13] How David got into fly fishing and writing

[5:27] David wrote his first book, The Confluence with six college friends

[7:43] Why David decided to take a 5000 mile trip 

[11:46] Remarkable experiences and challenges during the trip

[13:37] When David met Grace and Woody in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

[20:02] David talked more about the book and the places he fished 

[23:32] Writers associated with the Bat n' Kill

[28:41] What the Hudson River is like 50 years ago

[29:54] The difference between the Ausable and the AuSable River

[33:39] The question that put David on the spot

[44:10] The best place to get David's book

[46:23] David's take in general about the 6 week trip

You can find David at

Show Notes: