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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Sep 28, 2021

Show Notes:

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John Mauser from Mauser Fly Fishing is on the podcast to break down fly fishing for redfish and his story of building a fly rod company out of Swansboro North Carolina.  John has a really passionate story to share and one that really resonated with many in the fly fishing community.  

John shares his story and how he jumped all in on the guiding and rod company, leaving his marine biology job in the dust.  We find out when and how to target redfish with a focus on the North Carolina area. 

Show Notes with John Mauser

- We discuss the Hours in our lives and I note 40,000 hours.  The number is actually about 700,000 based on an average life.  Here's a countdown timer to see how much time you have left.  

- Scientific Anglers hard mono or RIO along with Hatch all make great hard mono.

- The warm water redfish line for short casts, or grand slam for permit, tarpon work great for turning over the big flies.

- Tim Borski patterns or a kwon with eyes or horn or rubber legs are all good for flies.

- The Ed Jaworowski casting

- Shoot the line through your fingers

- Ed J tips on how to do the double haul - toward end

- The kayak episode

- The Eastern Current Podcast is a great resource for the SE. 

You can find John at

Conclusion with John Mauser

We find out why and how John Mauser left a 15 year career for the full time leap into fly fishing with Mauser Fly Fishing guiding and building rods.  We find out why John loves to build his own leader.

Show Notes: