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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Oct 19, 2021

Show Notes:

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Chris Daughters from the Oregon Fly Fishing Blog and owner of the Caddis Fly Shop is here to break down fishing the October Caddis in the fall with a focus on the big rivers of the Mid Willamette River.

We get the full story on fly fishing the short winged stonefly, caddis and many other great Willamette River fishy bugs.

Show Notes with Chris Daughters

- Matt Stansbury was the co-founder of the Oregon Fly Fishing Blog.

- I noted Jay Nicholas who was on the podcast way back in episode 003 produces videos for the Oregon Fly Fishing Blog.  You can find Jay's blog here.

- The Short winged stonefly - Bug Water and Arlen Thompson

- Outcast Ambush Raft

- Western Hatches by Hafele and Hughes

- The Possom Bugger

- Jig Bomb is another great way to get down.

- I noted the Jay Nicholas podcast and the videos that he has produced at the fly fishing blog.

- Chris noted Ken Helfrich and the boats they use on the Middle Fork.

- The Stimulator by Randall Kaufman and Dave Hughes are two huge guests for the area.

- Eleven Experience and our guest in this episode.

- Chris Santella 50 places before you die and his band

You can find Chris at the

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Fly Fishing Blog Conclusion with Chris Daughters

Chris Daughters from the Caddis Fly Shop shares how to choose the best fall fishery to target when covering the October caddis hatch.  Stick with dry fly fishing for the day when conditions are right.

What's your favorite big Dry Fly hatch You are looking forward to fishing?

Show Notes: