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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Nov 25, 2021

Show Notes:

The purpose of this episode is to raise your awareness of the Boundary Waters status and encourage you to help preserve the great wilderness area in the country.

Riverhorse Nakadate shares some insight into what he's been up to lately with Patagonia helping save the Boundary Waters movement.

Click here to help protect the Boundary Waters:

Boundary Waters Show Notes with Riverhorse Nakadate

03:10 - Riverhorse is working on a new Patagonia film with Tony Czech

07:17 - The Darkest Web - Protecting the Gulf of Mexico from illegal fishing

09:30 - Riverhorse talks Paddling in the back country - read more in detail here

24:01 - The Punch Project - is a project that celebrates food, culture, music, and art

25:45 - Riverhorse was on the Fretboard Journal Podcast

26:05 - Riverhorse's reading in The Bent - MeatEater's Podcast (at 47:50)

37:45 - Trout Unlimited is doing some great stuff throughout the country

40:14 - Patagonia Action Works is where you can learn how to help your local community

40:53 - Riverhorse's fishing love story - Love and Water 

41:21 - Tom Skerritt the actor from 'River Runs Through It' movie has a foundation for wounded soldiers called The Red Badge Project

45:56 - Riverhorse is writing a book and plans to publish it a year from now

49:13 - We'll bring Riverhose back in for a bonus episode with one of his poetry readings in the coming WFS episodes

You can find Riverhorse on Instagram @riverhorse_nakadate

Boundary Waters Conclusion with Riverhorse Nakadate

The country's greatest wilderness area - is threatened by human interference. Riverhorse explained on the podcast how we can help save it.

How can you start making a difference within your local community? Let me know in the comments or send me a DM on Instagram.

Show Notes: