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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Jun 19, 2018

Show Notes:

I was finally able to sit down and have a conversation with Tim Rawlins from Line Speed Jedi dot com. Tim has been documenting his spey casting journey on his youtube channel and website.

Tim not only breaks out some amazing resources for those interested in spey casting but shares some crazy Alaskan stories from his time flying bush planes. I'm excited to get into this one so let's jump in and get er done.

Show Notes with Tim Rawlins

Bill Herzog's Spoon Fishing for Steelhead

Anglers Roost Rods are some of the best spey rods going for the price

Todd Hirano's website and a person who has some information on flies on the surface.

You can find Tim's video's and information at Line Speed Jedi dot com.

Tim's youtube channel and his videos documenting his spey casting journey

Skagit Casting for Rank Beginners video includes a great D loop drill.

Henrik Mortensen provides a few tips in this video

Ed Ward was a great help for Tim over the years

Poppy at The Red Shed Fly Shop will send you a few lines to test and you keep the one you like.

The Clearwater Spey Clave is run by Poppy as well.

The story of how Tim got into flying planes up in Alaska.

A photo of a Taildragger plane

Here's a video of a Super Cub Float plane like Tim used to fly.

Peter Charles helped Tim and was on the podcast on episode 15

How to Set the Hook While Swinging - OPST - This is a very good video that covers some good stuff and shows some crazy hookups.

Read everything by Robert Gillespie and check out this video on the Inclined Exercise

You can reach Tim at if you have any questions or need a few tips. Just leave a comment on one of Tim's articles and he'll check back. You can also find Tim at skagit meister on spey pages, at or 541-588-0505.

Conclusion with Tim Rawlins

Crazy right? Time pretty much killed it in this one. He dropped huge knowledge bombs and so many great resources if you are interested in spey casting. I listed a few above but didn't get them all.

He then proceeded to blow us away with some crazy alaska stories. He flies planes too? I'm glad you stopped by. Leave a comment below and let me know what was one big resource you learned today.

If you are interested in checking out Alaska at a fraction of the cost or want to explore other amazing fly fishing destination around the world click on the link below to check out the Fly Fishing Travel Hackers Guide: