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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Dec 28, 2021

Show Notes:

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Tom McCoy along with a good friend of mine, Michael Barger who was a co-host on this episodes.  Tom and Michael go back and fourth on fishing Long Island, what makes it special and the history behind a unique part of the country.

Show Notes with Tom McCoy

- Sweet Grass Fly Rods is owned by Jerry Kustich, a huge guru of fly fishing in the Northeast.

- Rob Snowhite was on the podcast in Episode 12 and we dug into the Salmon River.  Rob is the host of the Fly Fishing Consultant Podcast.

- Phil Monohan was on the podcast in episode 259 here and covered his role as the editor of the Orvis Blog.

- Nimblewill Nomad hiked the Appalachian trail at 83 years old.

- Tom's presentation with the Art Flick Trout Unlimited Chapter:  Connetquot River State Park - A Fly Fishing Tour:

- Gil Bergen was a key player in the area and influenced many in the country.

You can find Tom on Facebook here:

The Joe Stack -photo via:
Resources on Fishing Long Island

Letters to Mac by Tom McCoy

Fishing Long Island Conclusion with Tom McCoy

Tom McCoy shared his experience on fishing Long Island and a number of books he has written in the area.  We also dig into a few of the big names in the NE including the great Art Flick who influenced many around the country.

Show Notes: