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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Nov 17, 2022

Show Notes:

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Joshua and Caleb Simmons from Dads on the Fly Podcast are here to share what their podcast is all about. We dig into some of their most interesting episodes and break down some of the best tips on being an angler dad. How can you influence your kids to be on the water without forcing them to? Listen to this episode to find out!

Show Notes with Joshua and Caleb Simmons

05:25 - Caleb is a Pastor at their local church. Joshua is an 8th-grade schoolteacher.

14:10 - Dads on the Fly is about 3 things: fly fishing, fatherhood, and faith

16:10 - On this day DOTF already has 64 episodes published.

17:54 - Number 1 tip: Have enough snacks for the kids.

18:30 - Joshua talks about one of their guest who NC Wildlife Magazine coined as "The Man of a Thousand Streams." Listen to Part 1 here then Part 2 here.

20:00 - Tip: Manage expectations. When you take your kids fishing, the goal is not to catch fish. The goal is to spend time together with your kids. 

25:50 - Tom Rosenbauer was on their podcast in episode 59. 

26:00 - One of their biggest episodes was with David Coggins, episode 38. 

29:20 - They had Wade Blevins on their podcast - a guy whose dad created the fly called One Bug that is rumored to catch everything.

31:50 - Tip: Don't pressure your kids into being on the water.

34:00 - Joshua tells us about this guy who emailed them about being reassured after listening to their podcast. That message stuck with Josh and made him realize that they're not going to quit doing the podcast. 

37:00 - They also had Tim Cammisa on. Tim was here a couple of times too.

40:30 - In 2023, they are hosting their first Dads-Son retreat weekend in their backyard. (Sons aged 8-14yrs old only for now). Check out their website to learn more.

48:30 - Caleb mentions some fly shops around the area in Western NC.

51:30 - Caleb is the tech guy who does most of the production and Joshua brings in most of the guests and does most of the talking on the show.

1:02:45 - Advice: Don't let perfection get in the way of progress.

1:03:45 - They typically listen to Sturgill Simpson on the road.

Show Notes: